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Kevin is a professional on-air radio talent. His voice is heard on 3 radio stations in Dayton, Ohio as well as on numerous local commercials.

Kevin is a past Addy "Award of Excellence" winning commercial and promo producer.  He has worked in small, medium and large market radio as an Air Talent, Commercial Producer, Music Director, Production Director, News Director, Assistant Program Director and Program Director.  He has worked in formats such as CHR, Hot A/C, Country, Oldies/Classic Hits.  He was the Program Director of the first "all 80's" radio station in America (WXST, Delaware/Columbus, Ohio) and programmed Oldies formatted WKIO-FM in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, taking it from 6th place in the local Arbitron Ratings to #1 in 6 months.  He served as Assistant Program Director for stations such as WCOL FM/AM, Columbus, Ohio (in both oldies and country formats), and WQLK-FM in Richmond, Indiana.

Today, Kevin works for the Cox Media Group radio cluster in Dayton, Ohio as a radio programming assistant, air talent, commercial producer, executive program producer, news anchor and talk radio programming host.

Kevin is ready to help small market stations outside of Cox Media Group markets with their commercial voiceover, station imaging and production needs.  He will also gladly lend his expertise and talents as a programming consultant or voice tracker for small market stations outside of Cox Media Group markets.

Need a commercial voice?  Kevin is available at the following rates:

  1 to 5 spots:   $9.95 per spot. (Dry Voice only - Fully produced spots add $2 per spot)

  6 to 10 spots: $4.95 per spot. (Dry Voice only)- Fully produced spots add $1 per spot)

Monthly retainer for commercial production:  (unlimited spots - dry voice only) $100 a month. A signed Services Agreement is required for monthly retainer service and/or station consulting agreement).

For consulting rates or voice tracking rates and information, e-mail Kevin."  (link to me, please)

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Of Kevin’s Work
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