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“How do I know you’re a good DJ?”

Two words…experience matters.  I have been a professional radio DJ since 1974.  In that time, I have been a Master Of Ceremonies at hundreds, if not thousands of events.  Concerts, nightclub events, charitable events, remote broadcasts and appearances.  I’ve appeared before crowds of 30 people…and crowds of 90,000.   I am totally comfortable around people and understand how and when to “command” a room.

I’ve hosted private events (weddings, parties, dances, corporate and charitable events) since around 1972.  I began doing it as a way to make money while I was in high school.  In those days, all my music was custom-recorded for each event onto reel-to-reel tape.  The mobile entertainment business has certainly gotten a great deal more sophisticated since then, but I still enjoy doing it.  And, I wouldn’t risk my “public” image as someone who is on-the-air before tens of thousands of people every day to provide anything less than a top-notch quality service.  After all, you might not just be my customer, you might also be one of my listeners.  I never lose sight of this.

“Why don’t you publish a price list”?

Because every event is different.  It takes more equipment to entertain at a party for 500 people than it does to entertain 100.   Some people want lights.  Some don’t.  Some want karaoke.  Some don’t.  Some would like a live combo.  Some don’t.  If you want me to drive 2 or more hours to your event, I’ll do it. But I do feel the need in this case to charge for travel.

Nonetheless, I believe that it is only fair and right that I provide a top notch service at a reasonable price.  If you’re looking for a $100 DJ for the entire night…I’m not your guy.  But, I offer competitive prices for a service I truly feel is high quality and consistently good.

“ You know, some DJ’s play cheesy music.  I could buy a music list from a company, download it on my i-Pod, and I wouldn’t even need a DJ.  And, it’s cheaper!”

Good luck.  What you’re doing here is paying someone to guess weeks, if not months in advance what your guests are going to want to hear.  If you want to pay a self-proclaimed musical “swami” to look into his crystal ball and soothsay the future, hey…it’s your money!

A professional DJ is an experienced musical consultant.  A professional DJ works in advance with the bride and groom to tailor the music to the tastes of the bride, the groom and their friends and family.  Don’t like “The Chicken Dance”?  Where’s the rule that says it must be played?  When you work with Proffordable Entertainment, if you don’t want “The Cha Cha Slide”, just tell me. The only thing I will advise you in these cases is for us to have a “Plan B”, in case I am bombarded with requests for songs of this nature by your family and friends on the day of the event.  Perhaps you might consider limited permission for one or two songs on a case by case basis.

DJ’s play these songs, like it or not, because they are most often requested by brides and grooms at these events. You might not like them, but that’s the case.  Though, every once in a while, a bride and groom will come along and ask that these songs not be played.  It’s no problem to me not to play them.  And, if they are requested, I have no problem saying to a guest:  “I’m sorry, but the bride and groom have specifically asked me not to play that song”.  But remember, if I say that to one of your guests, they may be coming to you next for an explanation.

A DJ that plays music the bride and groom doesn’t want to hear at their reception is not a professional DJ. And, truth be told, a lot of these “ego-ed out” cheesy DJ’s are typically the ones who are cheaper and have less experience. That’s why I say “experience matters”.  When you hire Proffordable Entertainment, you’re hiring a DJ with over 35 years of experience satisfying the customer. I have never had a legitimate request for a refund due to poor performance or service.  I am justifiably proud of this record.

Lastly: an i-Pod has no lights to affect the mood of the patrons at your event.  An i-Pod is, in effect, a mini computer that plays a pre-loaded list of songs in order.  It cannot mix music. Your music flow will stop at the end of every song and, most likely, drive most people off the dance floor.  And, an i-Pod lacks the one thing a professional DJ has:  a brain.  The i-Pod cannot tell if your dance floor crowd is getting tired and needs a musical change of pace.  And, an i-Pod can’t take requests.

Consider this.  What if you pick the music in advance, and your guests don’t like it? What can you do then?  If a DJ is there, the DJ can, on the fly, change the playlist and save your reception. Try doing that with an i-Pod!

“Could I come to one of your weddings and watch you to make sure you’re a good DJ?”

Personally, I have no objection to such a request.  However, I do believe you should understand for what it is you’re asking.  Look at it like this:  a wedding reception is a private event for family and friends of those involved. Would you appreciate it if a week or so before your wedding reception, I called to ask if I could bring one or two prospective brides and grooms along with me to watch me perform?   I can appreciate your concern on the matter.  That’s why I will proudly offer a free video demo upon request.  It is my hope I will soon be able to stream this presentation on our website.  But for now, if you’d like to see the demo, e-mail  now.  I’ll be delighted to send it to you.

“Will you meet with me and my fiancé to discuss the particulars of my wedding reception?”

Absolutely.  And I never charge any additional fees for consultations.  When you contract with Proffordable Entertainment Media Services, I’ll meet with you in person if you’d like.  You’ll also have my home phone number, work phone number, cell phone number and at least two e-mail addresses by which to reach me.

“Could you send me a list of all of the songs you have?”

I could. But I’d have to send you a book that would weigh about ten pounds.  And, frankly, those types of books are tough to produce.   The desktop PC I wrote this on stores about 65,000 song titles at present.  The laptop I normally travel with has about 15,000-20,000 songs stored on its’ outboard hard drive.  My CD collection numbers in the thousands.  I’m sure I haven’t ripped all of the songs I have in my computer yet.

“So, are you suggesting you have everything?”

No.  No one can.  That’s why when you contract with Proffordable, you are sent a packet inside which are forms for you to fill out for songs you’d like to hear at your reception and the “special songs” you want to hear for the special dances.  Rest assured, I will do everything on my part to make sure your requests are available to me on your big day.  However, due to periodic unannounced deletions to record company catalogs, I cannot guarantee I have every song. However, if I am unable to locate a song, you will be contacted and together, we’ll either work out a compromise, or, if you have the song, I’ll make sure I have a CD player on hand to play it.

“Do you play requests?”

Absolutely.  And I welcome them.  It’s best way to know what you and your guests want to hear.

“Why don’t you just download your music for free from the internet? You could charge me less that way.”

Because I do this as a “for-profit” business. Peer-to-peer downloading of music is illegal. Granted, a private wedding reception is “off limits” to the RIAA and the music licensing companies.  But, since my radio stations (and myself) both make money by playing the music of talented entertainers, I believe it is only right for those entertainers to make a living off the sale of their music.  For that reason, I choose to purchase my music from legally available sources.

“Why don’t you charge deposits like other mobile DJ companies?”

Because I don’t believe in being paid a dime until I’ve done the job I was contracted to do.  Deposits cause additional bookkeeping on my part, and my feeling is that, once I have executed a contract, I have committed myself to doing a job for a client.  A properly signed and executed contract is more than enough to secure my services.

“ I come from a very strict and moral family.  Are you able to ensure the music you play is appropriate and family friendly?”

Yes.  Understand, though, I’m in business to make a profit.  I purchase radio edits of all kinds of music.  But, with 30 plus years of experience in the radio business, I also know having a “radio edit” is no guarantee of content purity.  Therefore, if music content is an issue with you, let me know, and it’ll be an issue to me.  The radio station CD service I purchase (which is unavailable to other than “professional” DJ’s) marks any song which may contain a content issue with a visual content advisory.  If content is an issue with you, I will assure you I will play no song with such an advisory.  If there are other songs you don’t want played, tell me what they are and I will not play them.

“Will you play music at an appropriate volume level?”

Absolutely.  If it’s too loud, no one has a good time.  Music during appetizers and dinner is always kept at a comfortable level for casual conversation.  The volume level will come up for dancing and partying, but is always carefully adjusted for the size of the room.

“Could you provide music for my wedding ceremony, in addition to my reception?”

Yes.  If the ceremony is held on the reception site, I will provide this service to you at no additional cost.  If the ceremony, though is held at a location other than the reception site, an additional fee will apply, as such a set up will require use of two separate P.A. systems, one already set up at the reception hall…and another for the ceremony.

“Do you dress appropriately for events?”

Always.  For weddings, I am always dressed in no less than a dress shirt, dress slacks and shoes, tie and sport coat. (Though for a summer weather wedding, the sport coat may quickly come off!)  For more casual events, generally I will wear “business-casual” dress, unless otherwise requested.   I do not recommend a DJ be dressed in formalwear unless your event is black or white tie and tail for all in attendance.  Why?  Many DJ services use tuxedo-ed DJ’s as a selling point. Here’s the truth: a tuxedo doesn’t make a good DJ.  And, a tuxedo calls attention to the DJ, as he/she will then generally be dressed more formally than your guests.  Remember…at a wedding reception, the bride and groom are the stars…not the DJ.   The DJ should blend in and out of the background at the appropriate times, so that at the end of the event, all anyone remembers is they had a great time.

“Who picks the music for the special dances at my event?”

You do.  Upon notification that you wish to retain the services of Proffordable Entertainment, I shortly thereafter send by mail to you a packet that includes 2 copies of our Services Agreement, a “thought starter” list of the 200 most popular songs used at weddings and private events as voted on by DJ’s all over the U.S., a wedding roster on which to list the members of your wedding party and how you wish to be introduced and, a page upon which to write the songs you wish for your special dances. (I even enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope to return everything to me when you’re done!)  Rest assured, I will do everything in my power to make sure all of your special songs are available on your wedding day.  However, I cannot control unannounced deletions to record company catalogs.  I will let you know should there be a problem with obtaining a song and, if that happens,  I will work with you to make other arrangement.

“Do you know the proper etiquette for hosting my wedding?”

Certainly.  As I mentioned above, I’ve been hosting events for over 33 years.  Experience matters.

“Do you carry backup equipment in case of a problem?”

Yes.  I carry a backup amplifier, and I will also carry a CD player, a small CD library, and 2 mini-disc players with a mini disc music library.  Should I have to go to this system, I will be limited to around 2000-2500 song titles.  But, it should be functional enough to keep a party going.  Remember…based upon the average length of a song today, it is mathematically possible to play only about 75-80 songs at a 5 hour reception.

“Do you bring backup power in case of a power failure?”

No.  Providing electric power is the responsibility of the banquet hall.  Neither they, nor I can be reasonably held responsible for a power outage which would be considered an “Act Of God.”  And, in 33 years, I’ve never seen an outage happen at a reception that lasted longer than a few seconds.  Power generators are noisy, they give off gasoline fumes and their use would probably be unacceptable to a banquet hall anyway.

“Do you have party lights?”

Yes.  Typically, I provide mirror-ball/pinspot style lighting at no additional cost.  If you would like additional “intelligent lighting” (lights which spin and dance to the beat of the music”), they are available at a nominal additional cost.  However, I only recommend using the intelligent lights during the “party” portion of the event, as the spinning lights create an effect similar to what’s found in a nightclub and that can be a distraction, especially for older adults.

“You mention a live acoustic combo.  What is provided there?”

The “Mojo Brothers” consist of myself and a couple of friends who form a combo. Primarily, we play acoustic rock, fun oldies and classic hit music.  This can also be scaled back to a 2 man combo with an electronic drum machine, which would be preferred if you only want the live entertainment as a portion of your reception.  Typically, adding the live combo will add between $200 to $500 to the cost of your event, depending upon what level of combo involvement you want.  A Mojo Brothers demo CD is available upon request.

“What are your set up requirements?”

Typically, an 8 foot table and access to standard, 110 volt electricity is about all that is needed.  If the combo is involved, having sufficient electrical outlets to accommodate the PA system, DJ equipment and guitar amplifiers will be required. And, if the combo is involved, we would also appreciate the ability to set up at the hall with sufficient time to conduct a full sound check before your guests arrive.   If you’re just hiring the DJ service, set up takes approximately

30-35 minutes.  I typically arrive onsite about 75 to 90 minutes before the start of an event.  Add an additional 45-60 minutes if the full combo is involved.

“How do we make payment?”

Payment is welcome by cash or check the day of the event, most usually at the conclusion of the event.  Please make checks payable to “Kevin M. Fodor”.

“What clauses are there in your service agreement?”

Basically, it’s all pretty standard stuff, although the increasingly litigious society in which we live has required me to add some, on the advice of my attorneys.  Basically, you are responsible if you or one of your guests damages my equipment. Should you cancel (and not reschedule) the event less than two weeks before the event date a nominal (15% of the total bill) cancellation fee applies.  I reserve the right to replace the DJ in the event of legitimate illness or injury. And, I cannot be held responsible for accidents, mechanical breakdowns of transport vehicles or Acts of God which could occur during travel to your event.

“Will you provide references?”

Certainly. Just ask.

Frequently Asked Questions