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Birthday Parties



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This is a "typical" equipment set up capable of handling a wedding reception or party for up to 250 guests. All of our equipment is modern and state-of-the-art, with music delivered digitally via a laptop or desktop computer. The "outboard" hard drive you see sitting on the top of the amplifier in the picture on the right is a 200 gigabite hard drive. There are around 20,000 songs in MP3 format on that hard drive, and around 10,000

MP3 + G Karaoke tunes. Everything plays from the computer. The computer program we use is just like having a dual CD deck...except with the computer, you don't need thousands of CD's scattered around the DJ. All music can be found in the blink of an eye with alphabetical sorting. That makes requests easy!

Having a bigger party? No problem. Proffordable Entertainment Media Services has hosted parties in the recent past of up to 700 guests. Only the amplifier changes. We can even utilize a UHF wireless transmitter, and additional speakers to get music to the back of a larger room.