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Proffordable Entertainment is the brainchild of Kevin Fodor. Dayton radio listeners know him as "Jason Michaels" on great radio stations such as K-99.1 FM (WHKO), 95-3, The Eagle (WZLR) and NewsTalk Radio WHIO (1290/95.7). Columbus radio listeners knew him as "Jason Roberts" or "Rowdy J. Roberts" on great stations such as WCOL-FM (92.3) or the former Star 107.9 (WXST-FM), and WKIO-FM in Champaign, Illinois (92.5)

Kevin's been an on-air radio personality for about 35 years. He began entertaining mobile audiences even before that, as a means of earning extra money in high school. Back then, all of the music was prerecorded on reel to reel tapes and played back at the reception. The mobile entertainment business has changed over the years, (from reel to reels to records, to cassette tapes, to CD's and now to Digital Music Delivery), but Kevin just keeps on entertaining audiences year after year. On average, he hosts 25 to 40 mobile events per year.

Kevin believes a DJ's proper role at a mobile event is to entertain with the music he plays, and to keep the spotlight not on himself, but the guests of honor at the event. He's been before crowds of 30...and crowds of 90,000 so he knows how to "read" and "motivate" an audience. In short...he's a pro!